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Sex Offender Registry

Sex Offenders within the Village of Wellsville:

Level 3 – High Risk

  • Gregory Anthony, 120 E. Pearl St.
  • James Davison, 206 S. Brooklyn Ave.
  • Joshua M. Maier, 39 Pine St., Apt. A
  • Todd D. Nichols, 42 Chamberlain St.
  • Bruce A. Satterlee, 40 Witter Ave.

Level 2 – Moderate Risk

  • Frank T. Barnhart, 126 E. Pearl St.
  • Timothy Herington, 49 Seneca St., Apt. C
  • Timothy S. Lewis, 49 S. Brooklyn Ave., Apt. 3
  • John Paul Murphy Sr., 45 Grover St., Apt. A
  • Dirk Joseph Pratt, 3524 Andover Rd., Lot 5
  • Michael Floyd Rinebold, 49 S. Brooklyn Ave., Apt 3

Level 1 – Low Risk

  • There are six (6) level 1 offenders within the Village but NYS law prohibits the release of their names and addresses.

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